Terms & Conditions

We offer our subscription as a way to help you hold yourself accountable to consistently choosing eco-friendly.

Subscriptions also help us determine inventory - as a new small business, this is incredibly helpful and allows us to ensure that we have toilet tissue available to you when you need it!

You're welcome to cancel your subscription or adjust your frequency at any time by logging in to your account or by emailing us at concierge@honeycombluxury.com. 

Thank you so much for supporting us!

- Christie & the honeycomb team


Want more details? Here's what you can expect: 


You'll get an email reminder 3 days prior to a new order processing, and a receipt (second reminder) immediately once the order has been placed.

We are able to cancel & fully refund any recurring subscription order as long as we're contacted within 24 hours (aka before it ships, so we can still grab it!)

New, first-time subscription orders are shipped within 12 hours of order placement. If you need to cancel or make a change, please reach out to us at concierge@honeycombluxury.com and we will do our best to accommodate.

Refund policy: 

We typically do not accept returns for hygienic reasons, but if you are unsatisfied, please reach out and we'll see if there's something we can do for you. We really appreciate that you're going out of your way to support a more sustainable planet. 


Please feel free to reach out to concierge@honeycombluxury.com with any questions about honeycomb. 

Thank you for supporting our female-owned small business!