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I created honeycomb to make it easy for anyone to start using sustainable products. As a consumer, I was foregoing straws and brought my own bags to the grocery store, but those encounters felt too infrequent. 

Toilet tissue is the one disposable product that we use every single day, and it's showing: 27,000 trees are cut down per day to meet toilet tissue demand around the world. 

I've tried sustainable alternatives, but they all felt like I was giving something up. They were too thin, too scratchy, packaged in plastic, fell apart when wet. Innovation in the industry seemed to be around making it as thin as possible and claiming “4x more per roll”, while never actually getting any larger.

If I was going to swap out my toilet tissue for the long term, it needed to be soft and functional - not just eco-friendly. 

And so, honeycomb was born. It’s the only sustainable toilet tissue that combines impeccable softness with sustainable bamboo to create a tissue that’s modern, plastic-free, and designed to fit seamlessly into your life. 

Whether you’ve been here for a while or you’re new to sustainability: welcome, and thank you for switching to eco-friendly.

We're a female-founded small business based in Milwaukee, WI. 

 Thank you for your support!

- Christie & the team at honeycomb

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