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Eco-friendly tree-free toilet tissue made from bamboo

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Meet honeycomb

We created honeycomb to make it easy for anyone to start using eco-friendly products. 

If every household were to change nothing else about their habits except swapping their toilet tissue, we would save 27,000 trees per day. That feels pretty big, so we worked hard to make the softest sustainable tissue possible - without trees.

We offer our toilet tissue subscription as a simple way to help you commit to one eco-friendly habit. You're welcome to pause or adjust your frequency at any time - but we think you'll feel pretty good about the good you're doing.

New to honeycomb tree-free toilet tissue?

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bamboo sustainable toilet paper soft luxury

From our members

THANK YOU for making this product. I've been trying to find a tissue that's soft, sustainable & actually works. You guys are it.

Maggie S

I love that you offer a subscription option. It's just the right amount and I'm so happy to make this a habit!!

Arianna G

A great product, fast shipping and awesome customer service. Honeycomb gets everything right.

Jordan L

Honeycomb Eco-Friendly Toilet Tissue 24 Rolls

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